Some of the many LPC benefits are highlighted below.

Benefits of Studying the International Legal Practice Course

The International Legal Practice Course is a bespoke course aimed specifically at students intending to practice law internationally.  It is open to students who have obtained their bachelor’s degree from any of the GCC countries.

The course will provide lawyers with the skills, aptitude, and expertise needed to practice law to the standard expected by international law firms. Thereby equipping you with the skills you need today to be better practitioners tomorrow.

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Research and apply knowledge of the law and legal practice.
  • Identify client objectives and the best means to achieve those objectives.
  • Evaluate the costs, benefits, and risks involved in transactions and courses of action.
  • Anticipate where standards of professional conduct may impact on your practicing of the law.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in areas such as professional conduct and ethics, business law, litigation, taxation, drafting, interviewing, advising, mediation, and advocacy.

Passing the Legal Practice Course will give you a postgraduate diploma that acknowledges you have reached a recognised standard of practice.  Consequently, increasing your credibility as a lawyer.

The International Legal Practice Course qualification will give you a greater chance of securing positions within large international law firms who recognise the strength of the British education system and the level of skill required to pass a qualification based on UK standards.