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Article 1 – Al Shabiba

January 1st 2018

The Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with the Ministry of Manpower and the National Training Fund has implemented a training program for twenty trainee lawyers which will be followed by a job in the legal field.  The trainees left for Nottingham University in the United Kingdom last Saturday.

His Excellency, Undersecretary Issa bin Hamed Al Azri stated that the program which was adopted by the Ministry of Justice is intended to develop the skills of Omani lawyers, to give them an internationally recognised qualification, and to raise their level of competence.

The program which has been specifically designed for international lawyers empowers them to deal with documents and contracts that are in English, to be able to provide legal consultation, and to draft contracts; all of which will enable them to perform commercial and economic transactions in both the public and private sector.

His Excellency clarified that the program was developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Manpower and the National Training Fund.  The selection of the University of Nottingham to provide the course was made after a rigorous selection process.  The university will educate the trainee lawyers for a full academic year, after which they will receive a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Skills for International Lawyers .  His Excellency highlighted the excellent cooperation between all the governmental bodies that had worked on the initiation of the training program and stated that it was the beginning of a countrywide drive towards the development and training of the national manpower.  His Excellency proclaimed that the ministry gives thanks to those law firms that complied with the initiative and appreciates the help that they are providing to their lawyers – especially those who have applied for the training program – and their support of the drive towards the Omanisation of lawyers in Oman.

His excellency reminded those who are in the program on the importance of seizing the opportunity that has been given to them and putting their best efforts into making the course a success, particularly as the course was developed specifically for them.

Ahood bint Yahya Al Maashria, one of those attending the scholarship pointed out that these kinds of initiatives provide lawyers with a chance to look closely at international legal systems and to get training on the legal skills which will develop and refine the expertise of Omani lawyers.  She stated that there is no doubt that this academic experience will have a positive impact on her as a lawyer in the workplace.

Hussain bin Moshin bin Salem Al Tobi, a trainee lawyer and participant in the program has proclaimed his thanks to the Ministry of Justice for all its efforts to make the program work and to minimize the difficulties for the participants.  He stated that this program is considered a transformative step in the legal advocacy and consultancy field, allowing the Omani lawyer to gain knowledge on how to deal with different legal entities and different economies, and to gain a qualification from one of the oldest universities in the UK.

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